6 Tips to Better Prepare for a Move

6 Tips to Better Prepare for a Move

Whether you are moving across the country or across town, moving can be a stressful process!

Here are 6 tips that our moving teams have shared that can make your moving day a breeze!

Moving Tips from Your Raleigh Moving Company

1. Utilize a Staging Area for packed boxes

As your boxes begin to stack to the ceiling throughout the house, this can become overwhelming. The best way to declutter, is to find an area in your home that isn’t completely full of furniture to place all boxes. The best place is an area near an entrance such as a dining room or the garage.

Make sure this room is already packed completely so that you do not miss any unpacked items.

If your move is being conducted hourly, this is also a great way to reduce cost.

2. Clearly label items you do not wish to have transported

You will most likely have a few personal items that you do not want your movers to pack or transport. If you are not able to move these items in advance of the crew’s arrival, place these items in an area that is clearly designated as DO NOT PACK/MOVE.

This area could be the master bed surface, a kitchen counter or nook, or even a designated closet that has already been emptied.

As you conduct a walk-through with the crew leader and staff, make sure that everyone is aware you do not wish to have these items packed/moved.

3. Label boxes according to their desired destination

Labeling the contents packed in your boxes is important.

Sometimes as you are hurrying to complete those last-minute boxes, you may forget what you have put in the box. A great way to reduce the headache of opening/re-checking each box is to simply label the box according to where you want the contents taken to. This will eliminate having to stop each mover at the door to open/examine the contents of each box.

Example: if you know all the boxes from the attic are going to the garage, simply label the boxes with the bold lettering “GARAGE.”

The movers will place all of these desired contents in the garage so that you can unpack at your leisure instead of moving them from room to room after our departure.

4. Label the room/color code at your new residence

Time is money!

If your move is being conducted hourly, labeling rooms at your new residence is a great way to reduce time/cost.

As the movers begin to unload, they will know exactly which room to take each piece of furniture/box. Color coding boxes/furniture items with the associated rooms at the destination can also speed up the uploading process.

Simply match the color of the box/piece of furniture with a color at the destination home’s desired room.

5. Disconnect/Prepare appliances for transport

Another great way to speed up the process/reduce cost is to disconnect all appliances prior to the moving crew’s arrival. Servicing appliances such a washers and dryers may result in additional fees.

To save on this cost, turn off the water supply and use a pair of pliers to remove each hose from the pipes.

  • Prior to disconnecting the washing machine, we recommend running a spin cycle to remove excess water that sometimes remains in the machine.
  • If you have a front load washing machine, make sure that you have the appropriate hardware to prepare the machine for transport (shipping bolts). If you do not have this hardware, contact the manufacturer or the store you purchased the machine from.
  • For refrigerators and freezers, we recommend disconnecting the night before the move to allow time for the freezer to defrost.

6. Leave Clothing/Knick Knacks inside your dressers

We wrap/package and seal all furniture that has doors and drawers prior to removing it from your residence. With that being said, we allow you to leave soft materials such as clothing and linens inside furniture.

It is recommended that you remove things such as valuables, breakables, liquids, or any other items that could potentially cause harm to the inside of the piece or the movers.

Keep in mind antique or press-wood furniture may be structurally unstable and adding additional weight to these items may cause them to fracture. Leaving contents inside your structurally sound furniture can save on time and reduce the number of boxes you need to pack. If you have a question about what items can be left in your furniture or about a specific piece of furniture, contact your moving company directly before move day.

Our Raleigh Movers Are Here to Help!

Moving is stressful. The potential for broken and forgotten items is a scary concept and a harsh reality for many unprepared movers. When your time comes to move, make sure you follow the sound moving advice listed above and you can be sure to have a smooth transition from your old home to your new one!

Your friends at Crabtree Family Moving are always ready to help move your family. Call 919-500-2013 or complete the online contact form to receive packing, moving and storage services

June 8, 2019


June 8, 2019



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