Employee Relocation

Employee Relocation

Is your business relocating to Raleigh? You will need your best employees with you there. Use Crabtree’s employee relocation services to provide your valued talent with a stress-free process for relocating to Raleigh.

Crabtree Family Moving and Storage is Raleigh’s premier moving company with over 25 years of experience in the packing, moving, and storage industry. You can rest assured that your employees will find relocating to Raleigh easy with us.

What Services Do We Provide?

We provide reliable, stress-free commercial and residential moving services. Our expert team can help you move to Raleigh from any part of the world. Our services include:

  • Consulting and helping you come up with a sound plan for moving
  • Helping you manage your employee relocation program
  • Packing and unpacking your valuable items
  • Providing long-term or short-term storage services
  • Eliminating frustration and confusion
  • Supplying the workforce required

Crabtree Family Moving and Storage company creates a smooth process for relocating to Raleigh. With our expert services and consultation, your business will have an easy and efficient transition to its new home base.

Our Employee Relocation Service

Our stellar employee relocation service will ensure your best employees can move with you, hassle-free.

As a family-owned company, we understand the value of having a good team. We know how to help your employees relocate to Raleigh so that you can keep your top talent and avoid business interruptions.

We customize all your employees’ documents, tax considerations, moving expenses, and more according to their requirements. We will provide a smooth move for them so that you don’t lose your star employee simply because of relocation issues.

Crabtree Family Moving and Storage’s employee relocation services provide a streamlined process for relocating to Raleigh that has proved successful time and again. We leverage our broad international network to make it easy for you to relocate your employees to Raleigh from any part of the globe.

We offer reasonable and affordable rates for employee relocation. You can get a quote by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.

Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to helping your staff. The team at Crabtree has the unparalleled expertise to create a seamless employee relocation process for you. If you need your employees to relocate to Raleigh, we have the best licensed, trained, professional, and friendly staff.

When your employees are relocating to Raleigh, our team will provide the perfect storage solutions to keep their valuable possessions safe until they can get to them. Flexible and experienced, our staff will solve any problems with your employee relocation program before they can even arise.

Our multilingual and multicultural team will answer any questions you or your employees may have. They will do a phenomenal job of helping your employees relocate to Raleigh.

Choose Crabtree

Keep your top talent when relocating to Raleigh with Crabtree! So, don’t hesitate to call Crabtree Family Moving and Storage company at 919-500-2013 to get a quote for your employee relocation needs. We will take away all your stress and all of your employees’ worries.

June 8, 2019


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