College Moves

College Moves

College Moves makes your move-out easy!

We know the move-out and move-in process can be stressful.  Our CollegeMoves packages save you time and money.  We’ll provide you with a self-pack kit.  You pack your belongings and leave them behind in your room when you check out.  Crabtree Family Moving has approval from Duke HRL to pick up your belongings directly from your room after you leave.  We’ll store them in our air-conditioned warehouse for the summer and bring them back to campus in August!


You choose the package that works best for you.  If you don’t have much stuff, choose the Basic Move or Medium Move package.  If you’ve filled every closet and drawer, choose the Deluxe Move or Monster Move package.  Have more stuff than you thought?  No worries!  Just add them to your pack pile.  When we pick up your belongings, we will create an inventory of your boxes and items.  We’ll just add your extra items to your invoice.


Each package allows you to include a set number of items that do not need to be in one of your boxes.  Items include: Plastic storage bin, Drawer Cart, Microwave, Mini fridge, Suitcase, Duffel Bag, Your Own Box up 16 x 16 x 16, Desk Chair, Mattress topper, Lamp, Rug, Mirror, TV 40” or less, Monitor, Trunk, Vacuum, Broom & dust pan, Shoe rack, Trash bin, Artwork/décor that won’t fit into a box (per piece), Musical instrument in a case (excludes keyboards w/stands).


Some items require special handling and storage preparation and require separate processing and a per item charge.  Those items include:  bike, couch, futons, TVx 40” or larger, weight bench, bookshelf, keyboard with stand, bed/mattress, other furniture.

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The packages for the fall semester are

All packages except We Ship U include pick-up from residence hall room, 8 months of storage, and in-room delivery to campus in August.

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June 8, 2019


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